Saturday, February 25, 2012

This post is dedicated to Ben Micah...

 ...Chief of staff of the Prime Minister's Department.  Ben, mate, you're in dream world.  How can you stop what's happening around you? If you really want the support of Papua New Guineans, don't mess with out constitutional freedoms.  Just take it on the chin and work it out.  This is the critic's message to you. You're dealing with a whole new generation. It's a whole new ball game. 

By the way, what happened to the radical Ben Micah from the University days? What happened to him? 


  1. Ben Micah was quite the activist when he was in University. He even went on a trip to Cuba and shook hands with his hero Fidel Castro - so his press release on behalf of his Prime Minister is not totally surprising!


  2. young must continue to guard the government ...

  3. Message to Ben Micah... If you are not on facebook or twitter then you are OBSELET like the say. Wake up from your dream and STOP bublling about the Nonsense about curbing the FEEDOM af Speech and Expression. Incase you are still thinking about your failed Hero Castro and is ill conceived ideologies which as you must know will never work in PNG simply because of our complex and inherent diversity which in itself will naturally resist all forms of domination and oppression you may conceive... Like they say, Its a small world and if Osama Bin Laden cannot hide from the American might then how can you hide from the PNG public uinless off course if you choose to run off to Cuba.... Greetings from Mathias.